FOTW 4/23/12: Belinda aka @SnowInVegas (Teaneck, NJ)

Congratulations to Belinda, or as most of the DiBiase Posse have come to know her @SnowInVegas. She is the’s “Fan Of The Week” for 4/23/12. @SnowInVegas jumped headfirst into the DiBiase Posse, just a little over a year ago.

In January 2011, @SnowInVegas became a newfound fan of the WWE when she became interested in the trio of the then disbanded Legacy. When trying to figure out which of the three to follow, @SnowInVegas said she first studied Randy Orton. The Viper was intriguing to her as an amazing athlete and entertainer. Yet, something didn’t feel right. Then @SnowInVegas studied Ted’s career. “A family man, hard-working and God-fearing, I quickly realized that Ted was the right WWE entertainer for me,” said Belinda. She became a fiercely loyal fan of Ted DiBiase. Unfortunately, Belinda never moved on to Cody. Sorry, Cody.

@SnowInVegas officially joined Twitter in the Spring of 2011 and followed Ted which allowed her to keep up on his activities. To date, @SnowinVegas has just under 3,500 tweets, the great majority of which mention Ted in some capacity. She is an enthusiastic tweeter of anything Ted and is known on Twitter for supporting all DiBiase Posse members. Belinda also has made some creative Ted DiBiase backgrounds.

On August 23, 2011, she proudly won a contest that was being run by Tiffany Castagna (@crossxrhodes51), who was Ted’s first “Fan of the Week.” The prize was an 8×10 photograph autographed by Ted DiBiase and according to Belinda is a “cherished possession.”

Finally on December 30, 2011, @SnowInVegas got to meet Ted at a DiBiase Posse Party! It took place before a WWE Smackdown Live Event in the parking lot of the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. She got her “The Marine 2” DVD signed by Ted and was able to spend most of the entire DPP hanging out with him.

While talking with the crowd of WWE fans who attended this DiBiase Posse Party, people were stating what other WWE Superstars they were a fan of. Wade Barrett, Sheamus and John Cena were among some of the names mentioned. @SnowInVegas kept replying, “Oh, yes, they’re also great entertainers. But I only mark for Ted.”