FOTW 5/7/12: Brycen (Linden, TN)

Congratulations to Brycen who is the’s “Fan Of The Week” for 5/7/12.

Brycen is one of our younger DiBiase Posse members at 9 years old! However, he’s wasting no time in making a difference and doing wonderful things for his community. We look forward to seeing him soon at his first DiBiase Posse Party!

Brycen’s Dad e-mailed us the following:

“Brycen is such a great kid and a HUGE wrestling fan.  He volunteers his time as a clown for the Shriners Hospital.  He works so hard every year at the Shriners Circus, raising money for the hospitals, and at the Christmas Parade.  His clown name is Little Mater Juice, after his favorite clown, Mater Juice.  He absolutely loves being a Shriners’ clown and helping less fortunate kids.  It has really helped him to not be shy.  He hopes to be a wrestler and also a Shriner when he grows up.  Thank you so much for your time and considering Brycen.”