FOTW 6/25/12: Hannei D. (Batangas, Philippines)

Congratulations to Hannei who is the’s “Fan Of The Week” for 6/25/12!

She e-mailed us the following:

My name is Hannei D. (Twitter: @DiBiaseArmy), I’m from all the way to the Philippines and to be honest, I’ve never met Ted, never been to a DiBiase Posse Party or never watched him live but I have supported ever since his debut. I have always been a fan of Ted DiBiase. I claim myself as the biggest Asian fan of Ted. To me, he is a role model; he’s very down to earth even if he’s famous, he’s religious and a proud Christian, an amazing wrestler, a great actor (The Marine 2) and he’s so nice to all of his fans that it gives them the excitement to finally meet him – like me! I remember getting tweets and a new year greeting from him via Twitter – I almost cried because of the happiness I felt, he’s so nice! :)
If WWE goes here in the Philippines again and Ted DiBiase will be a part of the show… I already have everything planned for a DiBiase Posse Party right here! That’s one thing I have in mind. My peers and I have talked about this already and we have the menu, the shirt design, the venue and the time of day already planned! This will be the first ever “DiBiase Posse Party Philippines” and it will be a blast!