FOTW 7/2/12: Alejandro Jimenez (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Congratulations to Alejandro who is the’s “Fan Of The Week” for 7/2/12!

He e-mailed us the following:

Hi, my name is Alejandro Jimenez. I’m from San Jose, Costa Rica.
I made this drawings and I was hoping that I would make Fan of The Week.

I haven’t met Ted yet, but I think he’s a great guy and the Ted DiBiase Foundation is awesome. He’s a role model to me, not only because I want to be a wrestler, but also cause he’s a great man, he cares about his fans and the others around him, and the DiBiase Posse Parties are just so cool, I don’t think no one has ever done that before.

I did saw Ted live, though, when WWE came to Costa Rica last year. So, hopefully one day I’ll be able to meet him. Thanks. :)