Submit for Fan Of The Week



We are looking for members of the DiBiase Posse who represent the DP to the best of their abilities either at WWE Live Events or out in their respective communities at large. Each week we will select one member of the DiBiase Posse to be our official Fan Of The Week. That fan will be featured in our official Fan Of The Week section of this website, with a chance to win that month’s special prize. The prize will be selected and mailed to you by none other than WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase Jr!!

If you’re at a WWE Live Event, let the WWE Universe know where you stand. You could proudly wear your WWE DiBiase Posse T-Shirt as well as make up a cool and funny DiBiase Posse sign to show to the masses! Remember the cameras are almost always filming at an exciting WWE Live Event, so anything can happen!

If you’re out in your hometown or city, there are so many great ways to help your community. You could volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen, donate books and read to children at a library, spend some time with the elderly at a nursing home and so much more. You could do a good deed while wearing your WWE DiBiase Posse T-Shirt or incorporate a great DP banner or sign into your activities.

Be creative, but first and foremost make us proud!

If you are interested in submitting yourself or someone you know for Fan Of The Week, please e-mailĀ with the subject line of “FOTW: Your or Their First Name and City and State.” For example, FOTW: Megan, Peoria, IL. We will then gladly consider you or them to be chosen as an official Fan Of The Week.

Please remember in your e-mail, to include the date it took place on, city and state, your or their name, as well as specific details of how you or they represented the DiBiase Posse. In the e-mail, please feel free to attach any photographs that were taken as well as any website links to videos.

On behalf of Ted we say thank you very much for being a member of the DiBiase Posse and good luck!!